David W. Mensi, BS SCT (ASCP)

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2022 Outstanding Alumna Award Winner

David Mensi

David W. Mensi, BS SCT (ASCP), is a 1984 graduate from the Cytotechnology program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Upon completion of his degree, David began his career at the Duke University Medical Center. After two years, David moved back to Memphis to enhance his knowledge—first at UTHSC as a cytotechnologist in the laboratory and as a clinical instructor, then later taking on the task as senior cytotechnologist at Baptist Memorial Hospital. In 1998, David began a new role at Trumbull Laboratory, where he currently serves as the Supervisor of the Cytopathology department.

David’s primary areas of focus are gynecological cytology, body cavity fluid cytology, and fine needle aspiration of bone and soft tissue sarcomas. He has provided diagnoses to over 400,000 patients in helping with the detection of cancer in its early stages. David has also conducted research and authored articles on salivary gland duct carcinoma and dermoid cysts with malignant transformations.

David continues to give his time and expertise back to UTHSC. Over the last 30 years, David has assisted the UTHSC Cytotechnology program by teaching over 150 students. He has delivered numerous lectures to current students each year on special topics and selects interesting diagnostic cases for the student presentations. For years he has been supplying the program with valuable cytologic and histologic slides for study and testing purposes. This essential teaching material is the very backbone of the program which could not operate without it. In addition, David serves as a clinical instructor overseeing students assigned to Trumbull Laboratory.

David and his wife, Jennifer, have one son, Jonathan. In his spare time, David enjoys duck and deer hunting. He is also an avid rose gardener—and at one point cared for over 250 rose bushes.