dentistry alumni board of trustees & Committees

2023–24 alumni board of trustees members


William D. Powell, III, DDS ’67, MS

Rick Guthrie, DDS ’87

Immediate Past President
Joseph Safirstein, DDS ’99

Clinics & Facilities Committee Chair
Nadim Jubran, DDS ’87

Faculty & Academic Support Committee Chair
Stueart L. Hudsmith, DDS ’95

Fundraising Committee Chair
Fred Heros, DDS ’75

Slagle Conference Committee Chair
Rebecca Mayall, DDS ’11

Student Recruitment Committee Chair
Hank McKay, DDS ’90

Emeritus Members
Stacey A. Garner, DDS*
Billy McCann, DDS ’58
H. Vernon Reed, DDS ’62
Charles L. Rogers, DDS ’51
David K. Rowe, DDS*

Honorary Members
Joseph E. Johnson, EdD*
Barbara S. McAdams, JD

Campus Leadership

Peter F. Buckley, MD

Chancellor Emeritus
Hershel “Pat” Wall, MD*

James C. Ragain, Jr., DDS ’84, MS, PhD

Advancement Office

President/CEO of Foundation
Kerry Witcher

Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Brigitte Grant

Associate Vice Chancellor of Development
Bethany Goolsby

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni & Constituent Engagement
Chandra Tuggle

Senior Director of Development
Tim Lanier

Associate Director of Development
Ariel O’Brien

Director of Alumni Programs
Terri Catafygiotu

Assistant Director of Alumni Programs
Blair Duke

*Indicates deceased member

Alumni Association Board of Trustees Committee Description and Volunteer Responsibilities

In 2019 the UTHSC College of Dentistry Alumni Association Board of Trustees was reimagined with the goal of aligning the group with the needs of the College and increasing engagement with the alumni community. The group is now organized into five committees.

This committee is common to all committees both in operation and practice. The committee’s objective is to work with the Committee Chair to prioritize goals and obtain funding for the dean’s strategic plan.

  • Attend quarterly update meetings
  • Maintain a prospect portfolio of 25 alumni to engage with the Senior Director of Development
  • Encourage maximum engagement with assigned alumni

For more information, please contact Tim Lanier, Interim Senior Director of Development–College of Dentistry, at or (901) 448-5176.

This committee shall work with the College to locate, establish, maintain, stock, and staff remote clinics at the direction of the dean. Where practical, this committee may work with the dean to address issues within the clinic on the main campus. Committee members shall work to utilize relationships in communities the University wishes to partner with to provide clinical experience for students as well as access to care. This committee is encouraged to recruit alumni in key areas of need to best understand local practices.

  • Volunteers will work with their communities to promote UTHSC and the cooperative efforts with remote clinics
  • Communicate quarterly with the clinic in your area and be aware of needs or problems to be addressed with UTHSC College of Dentistry
  • Work with UTHSC College of Dentistry staff for advice on facility needs
  • Identify any areas of need for future clinics in Tennessee or Arkansas

For more information, please contact Terri Catafygiotu, Director of Alumni Programs, at or (901) 448-8580.

This committee shall work with the dean and department chairs to address internal needs of both existing faculty and vacant positions where the College is attempting to recruit. Identifying, recruiting, as well as retaining quality faculty, shall be a coordinated effort when applicable and at the direction of the College.

For more information, please contact Terri Catafygiotu, Director of Alumni Programs, at or (901) 448-8580.

This committee shall work within the University of Tennessee guidelines for student recruitment, following University policy. At the direction of the dean and the College, it may become necessary to focus on geographic regions or populations where other alumni beyond the committee might be effective in College introductions.

  • Volunteer to be a part of virtual recruitment meetings with Dayna Myers and Dr. Stan Covington
  • Be available for positive student shadowing in your area for future student candidates
  • If possible, allow student prospects to have virtual access (i.e., email address) for questions about dentistry, application process, and dental prerequisites
  • Attend, if possible, local recruiting meetings with faculty/staff when in your areas once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

For more information, please contact Terri Catafygiotu, Director of Alumni Programs, at or (901) 448-8580.

This committee shall interface with the College, serving in conjunction with the dean and the Department of Continuing Education with the primary goal of facilitating the annual Slagle Dental Meeting. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, speaker selection, identification of meeting facilities and location, outlining meeting logistics, budgeting, planning, and assisting with decision making processes.

  • Provides creative input for planning all aspects of Slagle Dental Meetings
  • Identifies relevant speakers and topics for Slagle Dental Meetings
  • Serves as hosts for speakers during Slagle Dental Meetings

For more information, please contact Terri Catafygiotu, Director of Alumni Programs, at or (901) 448-8580.